**Prototype Price List**
  • 2 Layer $20/pcs 4pcs $80 4Days
  • 4 Layer $40/pcs 4pcs $160 6Days
  • 6 Layer $85/pcs 4pcs $340 8Days
  • 8 Layer $120/pcs 4pcs $480 10Days
  • 10Layer $135/pcs 4pcs $540 12Days

About us

WINTEK (HK) TECH CO.,LTD was established in 2010, located in Shenzhen of China. We are a manufacturer with one-stop service from PCB design 、PCB Build 、 PCB Assebmly、Stencil.we cater for prototype and sample production through to mass production volumes.

Wintek can fabrication 2-20 layer different rigid PCB  including double sided boards and multilayer PCB, FR4 circuit boards ,HDI PCB with blind and buried vias, Rigid-Flex PCB,Flexible circuit boads ,Meatal core PCB,Aluminum PCB ciucuit (MPCB),Heavy copper circuit boards ,High frequency bards  and some high-tech boards, with kinds of material including FR-4 (high Tg \ Halogen), Rogers, PTFE, aluminum etc..

As a electronic manufacturer,we can provide PCB board DESIGN &PCB LAYOUT service,PCB ASSEMBLY service:both surface mount and through hole assebmly,electronic assembley service ,mechanical assebmly service.
Also our PCB Assembly No MOQ require.the min quantity only 1PCS.

All our products are  approved by ISO,UL certification ROHS  and reach IPC class II .Our customer from USA.German. and worldwide customers recognition and keep a pleasant cooperation

WINTEK operates with very low overheads,allowing us to offer very competitive prices.

About us

Wintek Contact Us

  • Tel:0755-32984383
  • FAX:0755-32984383
  • Email:sales@wintek.com.hk
  • Contact:Anny Lee
  • SMT factory Add :4F B5 building Jun-feng Indestrial area heping village fuyong District, Shenzhen, China
  • Skype:Wintekpcb