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Pixart ramping up shipments of CMOS-based heart-rate monitor

Release time:2016-07-21 12:15  READ: time

IC design company Pixart Imaging has been ramping up shipments of its CMOS-based hear-rate monitoring (HRM) solutions and will see its sales and earnings grow significantly in the third quarter, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

Pixart's HRM solutions have found their way into the supply chains of wearable products for a number of companies including LG Electronics, Longcheer Technology and Under Armour (UA), indicated the paper.

The company's HRM sensor uses the photoplethysmogram (PPG) technique, which transmits LED light waves into the skin and measures the response change caused by absorption due to pulsating arterial blood.

Pixart is expected to complete tape-out of chips supporting VR (virtual reality) technology by year-end 2016, said the paper, adding that the chips will support next-generation Nintendo NX gaming machines.

Pixart posted revenues of NT$363 million (US$11.38 million) for June, down 0.01% on month and 2.72% on year. For the first half of 2016, revenues totaled NT$2.079 billion, decreasing 4.41% from a year earlier.


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